Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Post

My best friend said that since I have so much to say (haha, was that a back handed slight, my dear?) that I should just get my own there. Here it is, my very first attempt at a blog.

Not sure how interesting my blog would be, but I guess we have had a lot going on. So maybe a lot is an understatement. My best friend has been going through some really hard times, and I have been blessed enough to be the one who can step in and be of help. By blessed, I actually mean that. She is a SAINT, no seriously, I cannot seem to find a fault in her no matter how much I try. (and believe me, I have tried,lol). She has always been the one to support me, and be there to step in when I have needed it, and now I have had a chance to repay her kindness, at least somewhat. And in the process I have been blessed far more than I could have ever thought. I have learned so much by watching her, seeing her reaction to all of this, seeing how she has stayed so sweet, and shown nothing but compassion and love for those who have been so unkind to her. Kind of drives me crazy at times because I would love to just bop certain people over the head...okay that wasn't nice, but man it bothers me when he is not nice to her. Anyway, I am trying to learn from her, I know I need to.