Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just some rambling and questioning this morning...

Life just seems to be crazy these days...we can't seem to go more than a few days without "problems". I keep wondering, is this just how our life is, and we should just accept that and stop hoping for it to be something different? That doesn't sound too appealing, but maybe I am just looking at things wrong. I don't know.

So what I don't understand is how when things are so tough, my dear sweet friend is sitting here singing hymns in the sweetest sounding voice you could imagine, with a peaceful smile on her face. She won't talk about things, and just tells me "Oh Hannah, nur das Vertrauen in Gott, meine Schwester ". Perhaps she is wiser than me, or mabe she has just resigned herself to it all. Either way, I am sure she has a point.

Why is that so hard for me? Why can I not just turn it all over to God and not worry?

Why can I not worry about it? Oh wait, I know, vielleicht ist es, weil ich weiB, was sie aus erster Hand jetzt durchgeht. Yeah, I know, I'm doing the german thing too, guess she is right, some things are just harder to face in the english.

Okay, well today I am just going to get things straightened up for a meeting later, and maybe make some cookies or brownies to set out. Pretend like I am a good hostess and all.