Monday, February 2, 2009

A Little Venting

Okay, back and able to write, but my hands smell like bread dough,lol.

We had a busy weekend. My hubby is officially "in" at church. Sigh. Oh well, cheerful attitude, right? Ugh, seriously though, he did recommended spending more time with my dear best friend, so I will take that as the precious gift that it is. Sure I can learn to be more of the sweet and less of the spunk if it means more time hanging out with my sis!

Saturday I spent a good part of the day making more freezer jam, we were seriously low and well everybody knows you can't have dinner or supper (or breakfast for that matter) without a thick slice of bread slathered in the red "stuff",LOL. So, I made more. It would be a major crisis if we ran out. Ack, don't know what we would do. Crisis averted, jam is made!

I am trying to adjust to no patterns, arghhhh, I do like the flowers. Just can't help myself. Guess it's that inner-harlot. Ohhhh, pink flowers, now that would really just get their goat.

Okay, so really, I am not all bad. It's just that I need to vent now and then because really, some of this mess seems absolutely absurd. Completely bonkers. And what I hate more than silly rules is hypocrisy. Why is it not okay to wear flowers but then a certain someone can wear purple socks and sandals (in the privacy of her own back yard of course)? I saw leg and all. But just dont wear a pink dress or you'll go straight to hell. I don't think you even get a chance to repent,lol. Oh, but if you are a little boy, well, wear pink as much as you please. Sigh. True, most would never get away with the purple sock thing, or the leg showing (gasp!) but seriously, why one and not the others?

And what I really don't get is why Daniel is suddenly so taken with these people. My Daniel. The one who left in the first place because he was sick of this sort of thing. And now here he is conforming with the best of them. Guess I am on my own as the lone rebel.